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FLOW RECORD$ 官方部落格 Official Blog

2011年4月25日 星期一

驚虹一瞥般VINNY單曲"Maybe Tomorrow"撞見!

今天在網路上和香港一位素未謀面卻頗有淵源的RAPPER'K-CHEK 曲赤'閒聊之餘,赫然發現原來他早就和我們逆流音樂的vinny在2009年就曾經合作過一首線上單曲啊(這就是為何我會說淵源頗深)!

合唱List中還驚見前陣子吵的沸沸揚揚的'漢人滿人傻傻分不清楚'事件的'Manchuker 滿人'。anyway,在接下來的chat中也有聊到未來合作的可能性,接下來會有什麼樣的計畫和合作都會在這邊同步公開啦!!官方合作計畫預計開催中!

K-CHEK 曲赤 - Maybe Tomorrow Feat. Manchuker 滿人, Mistah Khaki, David Ku & 逆流音樂Vinny

Mistah Khaki:
When I find my way Ima spray with an AK
12 gauge on my pay day I say
And stay safe from a razor blade or mayday
They say Im crazy Ill find my way
Through the haze in the maze
The blast from past The stage dont amaze
Ima ask for ma stash now
Through one hundred months
Of the some younger ones
Its the prize of the pressure
Now the guns have begun....

David Ku:
From my vocal regions
Ima spit for a reason
People believe in hate and deceiving
Focus to achieve my dreams
You better believe ima make that green
A goal far to be seen
Hard to redeem
A day to come a day to change
Gotta find a better way a step closer to the grave
Erase the pain create a change
Time that once became never remained the same.

就算跌到落谷底 只要淨低一支咪
都冇所謂 冇問題
因為 我只需一支咪 幫我指揮
我而家Rhyme tight
Tonights the night Ima fight for my life
得到你既blessing / Keep rapping
我終於做到 但係點解仲未搵到出路
I know唔可以停低/ My flow
就算真係冇/ 前途 我照做
我照賭 我繼續禱告
可能終點好遠 其實係我眼前
所以就算眼淺 每晚以淚洗面

School, Jobs seems to waste my life
Another day passed by is another day I sigh
I use to have a vision at the age of 16
But it seems everybody wanna stop this dream
So I stop the music Switch the flow
Heading in another way that it be less a joke
Less fun I know but the cash is stable
Never had to sweat again when food's on the table
Be able to think since the finger has a ring
Every step I take is connected by a string
To my wife and my baby Day by day
And maybe tomorrow I'll find my way

My home boy from Overseas Got Me to Spit For 16
But Who Else In This World Got Ear To Listen 你
如果你也聽的見我 就 Keep Hustling
如果你也活在地下 就 Keep Bust In
My Home Boy Got A Gun I Scream Don't Shoot
We Got The Different Style Thats Why We Own You
Everybody Everywhere Will Try To Clone You
Everybody Everywhere Will Try To Flown You
I Made Different Tracks 來打動人心
This Summer, This One 我還你人情
Im Jocking The Best The Flow From NYC
After Rapping For So Many Years Im still M.I.T
我保護我的 Children 讓他們走裡面
避開了城市的 Traffic, 我們走底線
你是 Rap 的 Future 成長的曲線
美好 Is Tomorrow 等著你去實現

We on the other hand
We on the other land
We Want the other change
We on we on (We want we Want)

順便附上一些K-CHEK 曲赤進日發佈的MV和演出影片: